Why and when upgrade CMM?

"Don't hesitate to upgrade your CMM! You'll increase its performances at a very competitive price."

CMM hardware Upgrade and Software update has become very popular in the last years because it restores full performances to a measuring tool which, by its function, wears very well. Only its electronic and software capabilities don't reach any longer the level required on today's market.

The benefits of a hardware and/or CMM software upgrade:

  • A upgrade to your existing CMM is an efficient alternative to the purchase of a new coordinate measuring machine.
  • Our high-performance Metrolog CMM software and universal CNC controller allows you to optimize measuring time and performance of your CMM.
  • Our solutions provide you with a uniform CMM software and CMM hardware technology platform for all of your machines.
  • An upgrade extends the life of your Coordinate Measuring Machine and makes it easier to service.
  • Take advantage of our CMM software maintenance agreements and support team. This ensures regular updates to your technology.

A CMM Upgrade operation provides therefore an incontestable technical and financial benefit. Metrologic Group has, in this field, 30 years of experience and upgraded thousands of measuring machines. We develop our own CMM software and CMM electronics. Our team also includes mechanical engineers taking care of complete CMM maintenance afterwards and CMM repair services.

We offer a complete range of services for your CMM:

  • Complete CMM upgrade of your existing machines
  • CMM repair services
  • CMM Certification
  • CMM Mechanical adjustments (CMM calibration)
  • CMM Geometric Compensation
  • CMM Training to specific measurement techniques
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