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X4 i-Remote

X4 i-Remote is compatible with:
  • Apple iOs
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows RT
  • Blackberry
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

On devices like:

  • Any smartphone
  • Any tablet
  • Any laptop PCs

X4 i-Remote

Regain your inspection freedom!

X4 i-Remote is a new mobile app that gives you the freedom to measure away from your computer.

Metrolog X4, the universal 3D Metrology software is now available with i-Remote, a new remote control application for mobiles devices (Smartphone, tablet or laptop).

You can remotely take control of your X4 software. You will never need to navigate back and forth to your computer during a measurement session.
Simply take control of Metrolog X4 at your fingertips and away from your computer.

X4 i-Remote option capabilities:
  • Activate feature measurements
  • Live 3D view replicated on the app
  • Support static or continuous probing modes
  • Real-time results preview as you collect data
  • Fully configurable Build & Inspect modes
  • Display of operator messages and instructions
  • And much more...

X4 i-Remote communicates with Metrolog X4 through a local Wi-Fi network that can be fully secured.

X4 i-Remote needs Metrolog X4 or Metrolog X4V5 version 1.5 SP4 minimum.

*X4 i-Remote is free of charge under conditions. Contact us for application conditions.
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